November 11, 2009
By Anonymous

The visions in my mind,
Are like dreams from the blind,
The wonderment of where I reside,
The colors and the faces of the world outside,
I create pictures and descriptions from the words I rhyme,
So these songs are blessings to my eyes,
Don't have to see the real faces don't have to see the lies,
Just satisfy my mind one line at a time,
With a world I created to be nothing but sublime,
Viewing every color of every sunrise,
And see the reflection of the sun in the tides,
As each wave seperates in an opposite direction,
And they repeat the move almost as if to make a correction,
Then the ocean spray settles like descending dust,
And the sky turns purple as time is split between afternoon and dusk,
The sound of the the waves roar as they collide with the sand and the retreating wave,
And those are the memories that I wish I can save.

The author's comments:
I was meditating at the beach one morning when I was camping and I memorized this while i was sitting in the sand.

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