Bullets,Blood, and Tears

November 11, 2009
By ninjamonkey SILVER, Nashville, Georgia
ninjamonkey SILVER, Nashville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"that which does not kill me makes me stronger"

Sunny day, a few clouds in sight, almost perfect,
But it's not,
Walking down the street, cars passing by,
Walking to our fate.

Wind blows the hair off my face, you trudge on,
Something doesn't feel right, can't explain,
My mind's all foggy, looking for an answer.

Tires screech, engine picking up speed,
Turn around, uh-oh, that's what's wrong,
'69 Dodge Polara racing towards us,
Nothing but blood red colors fill the car.

"RUN!!!!!!", you take off ahead of me,
Can't see, everything's moving in slow motion,
Car screeches on a turn, heart beating in my ears,
Gunshots ring out, only three.

I reach you, thinking we've made it safe,
You collapse on top of me as we fall,
Blood protrudes out of three bullet holes in your chest,
Staining the dark blue of our Crip colors.

Shocked into silence I sit here with you,
Small, shallow gasps escape from your lips,
I hold onto you with all I've got,
Wishing it all to be a dream.

But it's not,
You're dying and I can't stop it,
With every heartbeat blood gushes out,
And by now I'm drenched in it.

It don't matter though,
I'm losing you as you look into up at me,
"I'm sorry" "You're my best friend Linds",
"I love you" are the last things I hear,
As you gently slip away.

"Kayla!!!!" "NO!!!!!",
"Please, come back, don't go",
You're lifeless in my arms, the light gone from your eyes.

Seems like years when the ambulance comes,
Flashing lights, sirens, everybody crowding,
"Are you okay?" "What's that sound?",
"It's coming from her".

"We have to pry the victim from her grasp",
"NO!!!!!! You can't take her from me!",
Sobbing, I try to fight them off, but it's hopeless.

Kayla's gone, there's nothing that can change it,
Tomorrow's a new day, the day of her funeral,
I won't go, I can't, because then she'd really be gone.

A few months later, roses put at your grave,
"I'll never forget you Kayla",
"Please don't forget me".

The author's comments:
Kayla was my best friend who was killed in a drive-by shooting in fifth grade. Crips vs. Bloods. R.I.P. 1993-2004 Save some of those angel wings for me.

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