War and Mirrors

November 11, 2009
By Homostasis GOLD, Statesville, North Carolina
Homostasis GOLD, Statesville, North Carolina
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A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.

Abandoned in our world of color coded plastic
We find it easier to tell ourselves apart
Beauty runs only within the flesh
Personality invades the mind
Both wiped clean by the power exuding authority
Laughing lightly within the realms of the halls of silent death
Nothing lives without fear and rejection
Mirrors picture images and send them distorted and unreal to confuse the viewers
They choose our path’s in life
They make us and break us
We sit confused by the daytime sun which tells us things will get better
Confused at the stars, moon and sky
We stare blankly not believing our eyes
The biggest liars of our times
Connecting us to our fake reality
Believing everything we see and only taking it as law
Tears only make things a more muddled mess
Never helping our souls recuperate from the harsh blows
The lust once loved by so many stays unrequited
Like another lie on top of a ceremonial heap un-important and dull
Hearing battle cries loud and distant we slowly find comfort in taking care of our children
Even though it’s too late
The soft curl in a child’s hair smoothed down by the coarse hand of its mother.
She is a pearl in her mother’s crown
Something burning leaves the child forgotten and left to smell the dry and bitter air
Our mouths stained by delectable language leaves a bad taste
We see the turmoil in our own hearts displayed before our eyes
The petals of forlorn flowers lay forgotten like an old lover’s lips
Fire laps at the edges and cries that the lies are rightfully his
Replacing sound and innocence with silence and pain does the body good
Looking deep inside ones self the heart shows its master the reason for life
Learning of this they passionately retreat and receive bushels of thorns
Bleeding from improper care the children run and hide and never return
Only to be found centuries later and in Laments terms
Only belonging to the dead
Stupidity is our strength
We live
We die
Future life lives upon our markings
We fade
And are forgotten yet remembered in lost translations of time…

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