O Lover Of Mine

November 11, 2009
By Green_Eyes BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
Green_Eyes BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"His glass is always half full, but only just." - My mom said this to me one day during a discussion about a boyfriend I had. It made perfect sense.

Soft! O lover of mine,
how gently your callous hands do graze my skin.
You leak magic and wonder
and you invite trouble,
but I am not afraid.

Kind! O lover of mine,
how sweetly you whisper candied words in my ear.
You gamble with hell's angels
and you deal with heaven's deamons,
but I, my love, am not afraid.

Swift! O lover of mine,
how easily you swoon me off my own feet.
You ensnare my senses
and obscure my judgement,
of this, I am afraid.

For passion! O lover of mine,
how carefully do you place your lips unto my own.
You hold a grip on my heart
and you are the hands to my clock,
I love you...
Ay, of this I am afraid.

The author's comments:
Two events inspired me to write this. One, I met a boy. He is the subject matter of the poem. Two, I am taking a new direction for my poetry. That is where the style comes from.

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