Letter to a Lover

November 11, 2009
I see you in the hall and my heart skips a beat
I anticipate the moment when we sneak our secret meet
Every touch you give makes my entire body tremble
All is well when one's touch is tender
So much care so much love in your touch
At first i didnt know if you cared but now i know jsut how much
The love between us is not just a physical attraction
Its much more than just a need for satisfaction
Its a lvoe that runs deep to my soul
I didnt realize how deep til it started taking its toll
If im away from you for more than an hour i think of you
Im in love with you that much I know is true
I cant wait to get to school each day
and wait for you to pass my way
I love seeing your eyes warm when you see me
Being around you fills my heart with glee
I know one thing for sure..we'll be together forever you'll see!!

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