An Allusion Thats Lies in the Minds of the Broken Hearted

November 11, 2009
As I lye upon the ground and listen the loud and quick beating of my hear

The lies you feed to me are clever and colored, and you look at me as if i was another peice of art

I feel the blood quickly flow though out my veins and begin to rise

As it drips off my rist, it falls from me like rain during a storm, with that my soul dies

I fall into a deep darkness where nothing but sorrow lies

Where my body lays i scream from within my mind from all of the painful cries

As i fight to breath I feel my heart breaking more I cry for help yet no one comes

And my heart begins to fade like the passing of beating drums

I begin to lose sight and with my last breath i speak "my fait you have sown with a poisonous thread"

Soon all is silent, my body is cold and motionless and i lay with the blood and tears i am named dead

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