True determination, victory, perserverance!!

November 11, 2009
Cherish life
cherish change
new perserverance
believe youre a winner
110% positive attitude
reach your dreams
better goals, better life
110% teamwork
110% great effort
be a leader!!
Dare to move mountains!!
be the winner you are
want to move the limit
your new determination awaits you
celebrate difference
soar up to opportunity
celebrate dreams
believe opportunity
imagine new priorities
cherish my effort
change my focus
i succeed perserverance
imagine true goals
dare anything
today believe, imagine, succeed
never wait
today wnat opportunity
soar up positive mountains
be great
reach difference
better determination
reach the sky
fullest attitude, fullest victory
my victory
never limit anything
i dare mountains
i work dreams
true leader true actions true you
never limit priorites
wait work focus
positive person positve winner positive leader
discipline attitude
discipline actions
fullest effort fullest goals fullest teamwork
move up mountains move up difference move up change move u anything
person soar
person discipline
sky sky

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