The Secret

November 11, 2009
Silence Blindness
Not a disturbance in the night
only him and her
under the beautiful stars and the plentiful moonlight
air filled with passion
all the heated expressions
all the secrets of the day
pass freely with no suppression
the night is when lovers pass al lovers secrets
when all truth comes out
every word every sigh every giggle
barely above a whisper not daring a shout
he has her heart
she has him wrapped around her finger
although dawn is approaching passion and affection make them linger
no wanting to move from one's embrace
not willing to become deaf to the silent whispers
if only the sun had been leniant on rising
if only they had a granter of wishes for a wisher
but the sun was rising
time had slipped away
leaving each others warmth
they had to face the cold day
....the rest of their secret love not ended forever but on delay

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