A Problem that is Hidden

November 11, 2009
Will we wake up to a better tomorrow?
Where the streets of our home towns aren’t filled with sorrow
Will we be able to sail a kite in a sky so blue
Will a thousand dollars be enough for a shoe
Shall we ever turn on the news to see anything but death?
Kids our age are addicted to crack or meth
Will we live to see another day?
Or for the last time shall we lie down and pray
People in and out of jail
While we wonder is it us who will fail
Thousands of tears
Teenagers faltering to their peers
When will the war’s end?
Where we pray that an angel god shall send
Will we amount to something?
If not who is it we are blaming?
Is it our teachers?
Is it our brothers and sisters?
Or shall we take the blame
For its time to realize life is not a game
People killing and children running away
And yet we still repent on Sunday
Get caught in a drive bye
And someone’s mama will now do nothing but cry
Selling drugs just to put food in their bellies
Where teenage moms have to feed their babies
The twenty-first century is slowly dying
And more and more children seem to be crying
Will freedom only be in stories we tell
Will our homes become a cell?
Will we still be making history?
Will we solve the world’s mystery?
Like a raging river many things pass through or thoughts
Things like standing up for what we believe in and starting up boycotts
They are right; we are today’s and tomorrow’s future
And to make a change we must begin to venture
So you want to know what we think
It’s like a document written in permanent ink
Well come in and see what you can find
Upon the tour of a teenage mind.

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