you make me feel like a star

November 11, 2009
By Anonymous

my head is spinning
tears fall down my face
thinking bout u
your soft lips
your cold soft hands
i love you so much
my life is perfect when i'm
around you
as soon as we leave
my world falls apart
i hear anger from my parents
their love for each other is gone
but i still am going stong with my
they fight
and i sit there
praying and hoping
that it will end.
When it does end,
i am left shaking,praying
that its not gonna
happen again
but my life is perfect when
i'm with the girl that i
her sweet heart
putting her pain aside for
other people's pain
that's only one of the many
reason why i love you

The author's comments:
my love for my gf. and yes this is a girl. I have seen a lot through my life. and this is the best way to get my feelings out by writing. hope u like it

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