A Moment Of Peace

November 11, 2009
By Eric Korber SILVER, Kirkton, Other
Eric Korber SILVER, Kirkton, Other
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I lay my head down,
Clear my entire mind,
Drown out all noise,
Forever engaged in nothingness,
‘Try to think of a nice place,
Cuba, or the Bahamas,
Somewhere warm…’
But I refuse,
I remember,
The one I love,
It is unrequited,
But if I cannot have this amazing girl,
To hold in my arms,
And hug and kiss,
I want to make my time with her,
Unforgettable as a friend,
I cannot get her out of my head,
I love her so much,
But as usual,
The girl doesn’t love me,
The way I love her,
But she tells me I will find some one,
Although I think of this saddening dilemma,
Her “presence” calms me,
I “awaken”,
And I am rejuvenated.

The author's comments:
I was trying out Karate and it was my first time. I didn't exactly know what to do. The instructor told us to bow down on our knees, put our heads to the floor, clear our minds, and relax. I did it, and did not want to let go of this peaceful manner. It was extravagant. The poem is what I was thinking of.

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