The Demon Within

November 11, 2009
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The Demon Within

I walk and walk, trying not to stop.
Trying not to see the destruction I create.
I am horrified to see,
To see the real me.
I am the one that poisons her victims with words.
I am a perfect,
A perfect insanity.
I am the one with the lethal stare.
The one you should avoid.
I am the player,
And killing is my game.
Everyone is my target, no one can escape.
Don’t sweet talk your way out.
It wont work on me.
I am immune to sweet…immune to love.
I am unable to stop.
I am uncontrollable.
I am the terrible beauty, the deceiver.
Hiding behind the mask, you don’t see
The real deadly me.
I am the rose ready to penetrate you skin.
I am not the sweet pretty girl you see.
I am the disgusting bug you just stepped on.
I kill from the inside out, causing unbearable pain
I am your nightmare.
I am the predator,
You are the prey.
Keep you distance.
Avoid me,
Or face my deadly strike
Control is what I need,
but can’t achieve.

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