November 11, 2009
God, heaven
Hell, the Devil
Allah, Mohammad
Jehovah, Abraham
What makes people believe?
It is because
God is the cause
Takes the blame
Releases them from their stress?
Is it the belief
In their religion,
Which makes saintly people good?
Or are they good to begin with?
Does religion make people moral?
Wars, hate, crime and destruction
All in the name of god
Why do people kill for their beliefs?
What makes their beliefs better
Than the beliefs of others?
Am I immoral
Because I have no religion?
Am I immoral because I don’t believe
In the bible, the torah or the Koran?
Or am I moral because
I love, live and laugh
To be happy
And not to hurt others?
Am I moral because
I won’t belittle other’s beliefs
Even when I disagree?
What makes a good person?
What should I believe?

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