The Living Room

November 23, 2009
As growing children
Wandering through their simple life,
They take pride in the fact
That they have a source of protection:
Like training wheels
On a brand new bike.
As they are learning how to ride it,
They find amazing things
That we have grown tired of seeing
Long ago.
They want to live life,
For that is their nature.
And they live it
Regardless of what’s on
The day’s local news.

Along their journey,
They collect different memories,
Each memory
A leaf.
Some have fallen from their tree,
But they take on new colors.
They brighten the darkest day.
With each step,
They crunch
The brown curls
Of memories lost
With each passing Winter,
The field clears.
With each Spring,
They get to see the new leaves grow
On the tree.

When it’s time
To take the training wheels off,
Some are not ready
To move forward.
Others take the path
That is right in front of them
With a new sense
Of adventure.
For there is so much more to explore
Outside the living room.

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