Who is that in the mirror?

November 22, 2009
By brioux24 BRONZE, Kailua, Hawaii
brioux24 BRONZE, Kailua, Hawaii
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I look in the mirror and see myself,
I think that it is just me,
I really am changed with masks on,
Who am I to say that is me.
I look in the mirror and see a girl,
She stands with confidence
But with fear behind her eyes,
She wonders about what people think of her
and other things that are always on her mind.
Eyes blue from tears that have been shed,
Eyes gray like the softness of a feather and gentle.
Eyes wide with eager and curiosity,
Also filled with sadness and confusion.
All the freckles on her face hiding the things she dare not tell,
She is tall from being stretched between people and thoughts.
I stand with a straight back to show my pride,
But there is something holding me up.
My spine is built from all the experiences that I have been through,
Soft skin from all the years being cared and nourished for.
Creases on the sides of my mouth when I smile
Stowing all the little things I have done wrong.
The masks I wear have been taken off and I show who I truly am.
We all are different and hid behind a mask,
We don’t want to be different but be the same.

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