My Friend

November 10, 2009
Webster says a friend is "one attached to another by affection and esteem".
But I say a friend is this:

A friend is a fan,
A believer in you when you are not,
A shoulder to cry on,
A light in the darkness.

A friend is a ray of hope,
A peacemaker in trying times,
A helping hand when you need it most,
A map that guides you along the winding roads of life.

A friend is a companion,
An endless gift of love,
A priceless present that anyone can afford,
An everlasting memory that will forever be cherished.

My friend is more.
My friend is my alpha and omega,
My gateway to heaven,
My reason for living.

She is always close and dear to my heart.
She is my star in the night,
forever shinning so bright.
She is the key that unlocks my happiness in life.
She is my sister in heart.

A friend is you and me.

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