November 10, 2009
By Chase Arent GOLD, Foster City, California
Chase Arent GOLD, Foster City, California
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You barely talk to me.
Why couldn't you let me leave?
Because of you I'm dying.
"I miss you,"
That's a lie,
You want the upper hand.
"I'll fix things",
It all falls apart,
You can't hold things together.
You act smart.
Your not.
Your a phoney and a failure.
I don't....won't......can't look up to you.
She and I are used.
So you can outwit the other.
How does it feel?
To know I've figured it out.
To know I don't respect you.
What do you care?
I'm just a bargaining chip.
what am I worth/
She and I are nothing to you.
She and I don't matter compared to THEM.
THEY are worth more more.
And you know it.

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