Animalistic Side

November 25, 2009
Sharp rigid digits.
They sprouted from my little pink gums when I was around twelve.
First puny and weak.
Now straight.
Almost shark like.
I believe I am ferocious, I like being Ferocious.
I am a Meat Eater.
A carnivore for those sensitive at heart.

I eat the occasional Leaf.
Maybe a bit of Lettuce here and there.
A few Carrots... or a lot of Carrots... especially on that one Night.
Fine maybe a few Eggplants.
But I prefer Meat.

The kind where you can feel it fall apart once you rip your teeth into it.
That kind.

Ever watch someone eat?
Really Watch them eat.
Not look while they take a bite then continue with your little day dream.
I mean: Observe.
Study it almost.
Like it's something magnificent.

Ever see the way people bite their food?
As if it'll sprout legs, slap you and run off.
It's there in your grip.
At least Honor it.
Enjoy the fact you get to taste it's wonderful contents.
Not Murder the poor dead thing.
Nothing deserves to die Twice.
Let alone not by being brutally eaten.

What do People notice?
The clothes?
The anatomy?
The hair?

If you answered yes to any of these slap yourself.
Try and become a better person.
Don't think about that, try not to notice that.
First impressions need to come from the person's character.

I realized why Hot dogs come in Ten,
I know why their Buns come in Eights.
government needs the extra Cash.
Government's trying to feed off the Peoples Frustrations.
You open up the Hot Dogs.
Your mouth is salivating like crazy, s*** you begin to sweat because you're a very hungry person at this hour.
You're gonna eat all ten Hot Dogs.
You rip open the Buns.
You realize: "there's eight... i want TEN wtf"
So you make haste and run over to whatever super market's in your area.
You buy another bag of Buns.
Sucker punched to the face by the Government.
You have just now given the Government extra Dinero.

Nice Job Law abiding citizen.

I think the Government has sneaky little ways to get more money out of their citizens.
Little Get Rich Schemes.
"Swine 09"
Scheme right there.
"Oh Good Golly Miss Molly! Swine Flu! Piggies are getting us Sickly! Quick to the Vaccine Mobile"
"Heavens to Betsy! Bird Flu! Birdies are getting us Sickly! Quick to the Vaccine Mobile!!"
"Oh no Miss Mary Jane! Mad Cow Disease! Cows are getting us Sickly! Quick to the--"

Any one see a pattern?

Government worker 1: Quick lets pick an Animal at random and say that it can give the People the Flu
Government worker 2: Sounds great! Hand me that book with all the animals in it!
Government worker 1: *hands the book over* What are you thinking about?
GW2: Hm what about "Panda Flu"? or better yet "Lion Fever"?
GW1: I like the last one...hmmm "Lion Fever" sounds like we can pass it off..BRILLIANT!

~The Next week~
Reporter: Breaking News America! 12 People have been infected By Lion Fever! Please get your vaccines soon at you local Walgreens or CVS! Protect the children!

.....Lion Fever... what's next? Zebra Disease? next thing you know they'll blame all the mixed kids for that disease.
The cure?
Touch me with a clorox wipe and I'll slap you with my shoe.

This Society of ours.
Could honestly use a touch up.
A "face-lift" if you will.
People are plain rude and mean.
Don't judge me at all.
If you don't like me.
Don't like me.
If you think im immature, Go away Sour puss.
You think I'm lame, No one cares.

If you're mean the world will give you one look and turn around.
In today's world we have no place for Mean, Rude Jerks.
Either hop on the bandwagon and Coast like the rest of us.
Walk the highway.
Hey, the Highway isn't that bad.
But we might run you over with our Horses.

Im sure as hell not becoming a conformist.
But being mean just to be like everyone else?
Hell no.
I like me.
I like making people's eyebrows raise when they get their Dose of Sharon.
"All Sharon, All the Time"
It's who I am.
Yes, I get mad very quickly.
My Fuse is very short.
It fits my size.
The Fuse on a stick of Dynamite isn't long.
Neither is mine.
I have way to much Patience for stupid kiddies.

But mean?
No, I don't want to fall down that path.
It's hard to be Nice in today's world.
With all the backstabbers and what not.
I rather get mugged by a hobo then get backstabbed by a "Friend".

We give away the term Friend to easily.
From now on.
You wanna be my friend.
Work hard for it.
S*** I work hard to become your Friend.
Be a Lady or a Gentleman and return the Favor.

No one likes a Stick in the Mud.
Little Boys might love G.I Joes.
Little Girls might love Barbies.

Im not a Little girl anymore.
Don't feed me Plastic Love or Silicon Stories.
I don't play with Barbies.
If you're Fake, Go find your Ken Doll.

I like the Real people.
The one's who are made of flesh.
Those are the people I surround myself with.

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