November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

If I were an eagle, looking up at the night sky
I’d never look back down again, not til the moment that I die
Everlasting stars that stretch beyond my moonheld wings
What can mortal beings know of such eternal things?

Only in the darkness can be found the light
Only lying down can the soul take flight

Infinity and beyond I fly, eyes are open wide
Beyond the limits of the mind, beyond constraints of time
God hovers at my lonely side
I leave him far behind.

Infinity and beyond, and on and on and on

Only in our deepest dark can we find our light
Only from our lowest low can we soar to heights

Who are we to witness wonders?
One cannot help but to ask
What is our eminent task?
How do we pay for blunders?

Every time a baby cries
Every time a grown man lies
Every time a lover sighs
A star dies.

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