my tears

November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

please stop
dear tears
you’re splashing
in my ears.
you’re drowning
both of my heart
and every other part
of me,
or what I want to be.
I hate it hear.
there’s fear
and wondering.
if I cry and cry and cry,
I’ll die.
I hope that’s so.
I want to go
this life is hell.
there is no heaven.
there is no me;
I wish that that It could be !
Stop the world
I want to get off.
I am looking for a
Dark hole to hide,
I want to go to sleep,
And never wake up.
Jesus help me and my ways
You are the only one i
I hate the picture in my
There are bad and sad to see
Or think,
I hope you can hear me today
My body is traped in someone
Else body.
My heart is melting
My head is spinning ,
I don’t know what to think.
I am torn with no were to go
I can’T see the rose I my heart,
the world is wicked .
there is no light in my life
lord u have forsaken me

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