November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

You turned from indigo to scarlet
When I cried in the faded light
And your beauty is so far yet
You always shone so bright
You broke through the canopy
And stung my aching eyes
Because now you’re not with me
All they’ve done is cry
Since we said our last goodbyes

Your beams carried particles of dust
I thought they were pieces of my heart
It’s been destroyed, ripped into just
Over ten and a half thousand parts
You’ll be going home real soon
Bleeding red then the blackest of skies
Left alone with only the moon
To let me live another lie
Since we said our last goodbyes

You’ll never know…
But you were every sunset, every sunrise
I let you go…
But you never leave when I close my eyes
I love you so…
What a catastrophically beautiful surprise
You’ll never know…

Farewell until the morning
My most blinding winter sun
Seven fifteen and you’ll be dawning
Another day will have begun
But what good is time without you
And though they say it heals all wounds
It kills, I swear to you
I’ll see you soon
My love, goodbye.

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