.....not what they seem......

November 10, 2009
By Miz_me BRONZE, Levelland, Texas
Miz_me BRONZE, Levelland, Texas
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" Anyone can be passionate,but it TAKES real Lovers to be Silly! :p "

" In life you will have those days where you think you aren't very pretty but to the one that loves you you will always think you are!"

people are not always what they seem to be at first.
like take my dad for instance i came to live with him so that we wouldn't be split up any more and look what he gose out to get another wife one more than i can count one that takes my daddy for his money!
Or like my ex-boyfriend in the beging of our relashonship he was all i ever wanted then at our three mounth mark he starts showing me the real him. He the person that i begin to trust is now lieing out from his teeth. and now that we aren't together i miss him and there isn't a day that gose by that i don't wish it were the same. i want my life back the way it was when i thought boys had coodies and when my dad and i could at least talk about how i feel.
but things i guess are not always what they seem!!!

The author's comments:
"i try to excape this hell that i call my life, just so i can hide in my own little world that has me-me-me writen all over it!!!!!"

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