All I Can Say

November 9, 2009
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And I miss him so much
His blue eyes his dark hair everysinglething
All the way down to his big feet
And I miss him so much
I love the way he looks at me
And makes me feel like no other
I love the way he talks to me and
Yells at me and laughs with me and
Everything he does just makes me so
Happy and wonderful and euphoric
And I miss him so much
When he smiles at me I think
Of nothing but him and how much
I want him and love him and need him
And when I feel sad or cold or lonely
He puts his long arms around me and then
I cannot remember why I was sad because
He makes me feel like I am loved and
When I forget to set the alarm or
Trip down the stairs and hurt my knee
It is him who wakes me up and
Kisses everywhere it hurts
And I miss him so much
I love it when he gives me that one
Warm plaid flannel scarf that he has
Sometimes I pretend I am cold when I am not
Because I know that he will wrap that scarf
Around my neck because he loves me
I think he knows that I love that scarf
Even when I don’t need it because
I love that scarf and I love him and
That is all I know in my life
And I miss him so much
But it is only in my dreams that I see him
I only know him in my mind and only there
Can I imagine how he will touch me and love me
And want me and need me and hold me
His face is now blurry when I sleep
I fear that I am beginning to forget his touch
His face his warmth and everything I know
I stay asleep for longer than I need because
I know that maybe he will come and see me
When he is gone I feel vacant
Like his shoes that are now empty
And I miss him so much
But he only exists in my mind
And I wish he would come back to me
Because I need him so
How I can go on without him I do not know
How I wish he were real
How I wish I could touch him again
Now at night when I feel lonely and sad
No one will come to help me because
I am alone.

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iluvzak!!!! said...
Dec. 3, 2009 at 10:28 am
wow! this really wel written. i had a guy once that i loved and dreamed bout i never knew his name he went by nine and i loved him so an he is still not my reality even tho i wish he was
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