November 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Many times I have seen clouds like these,
Looming in the vastness of darkened skies.
So turn your ear and listen, please,
This is what the storm paints on my eyes:
Rain that stains my face like tears,
Lightning that shatters the sky,
Thunder that summons all our fears,
Wind that whistles like a demon’s cry.
The voice of God interrupts the earth,
The tears of his sorrow weep down.
Trees tremble for all they are worth,
I fear the whole world will drown.
Once bright fields now brood in gray,
The cold bites my arm, but I hardly care.
While this storm shall always signify this day,
To the gales inside of me, it can’t compare.
I see such terrible things as I walk this path,
But there is a sun behind every cloud of pain,
And when I can’t avoid life’s occasional wrath,
I have long since learned to dance in the rain.

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