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November 9, 2009
By ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
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reach for the unknown, because someday the unknown maybe all you'll ever know

I am from from ring around the rosie,
from catch me if you can.
The gentle sway on the swing
and from the smiles that ligth up my way
I am from the strength and power of my horses,
from the patience of casting a line at the pond.

I am from the yell of "DINNERS READY" across the vaccent fields,
from the country music coresing my ear drums,
The long stary nights that shine brighter than diamonds
I am from the voice that brings you to your knees in high,
from being stubborn to loving.

I am from the plants blooming in dry soil,
from the romance in The Notebook.
The blue eyes painted by the sky and ocean
and the heart strengthen through determination and love
I am form football friday nights,
from the words that spill out onto paper.

I am from the comfort of my home and bed,
from my friends and laughter that keeps me from getting lost,
the power of belonging to a family
I am a blooming rose with thorns,
unique but with a guard up.

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