before the word

November 9, 2009
By ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
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reach for the unknown, because someday the unknown maybe all you'll ever know

shut me out no more
screaming and yelling has always been my llulaby
if you see me at night
you'll see me cry
falling apart
hate isn't even a good description
love doesn't even exsist anymore
this place is a cage
a prison
that drives you insane
its the blood that is invisible to the world
its the tear that floods the sea that swallows you whole,
the screaming that makes you deaf and numb,
but the yelling is like an old song
like a broken record
a wound on the heart
a wound on the heart
that never stops
how many wounds will the heart take till its had enough,
how many tears can fall into the sea before life was never a word,
before time stands still
before silence is all you hear
before yelling and screaming was a lyric to your llulaby
consuming every part of you
my llulaby is scarred into my heart
I'll never know what it's like without my song or before the word

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