Letting Go

November 9, 2009
By cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
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Regrets surround me
And standing around me
Is the past
And every wrong move I've made
It haunts me
And taunts me
Until I can't take it anymore
And before I know it, I'm walking out the door
Keys in my hand
Tears at my face
When suddenly I stop
I realize of all the bad things I've done, this would go on top
At this point I have no clue what to do
I sit and I cry and I think of something new
Something great
Something full of happiness
Something that could change my entire life
When suddenly I feel a wave of hope
And determination
And it flies through me like the wind on a cold winter night
But it feels good
And my tears begin to slow
And the keys in my hand, I throw
And I start to walk down the road and over the hill
This time not determined to kill
For I am trying to sort all the thoughts in my head
As I ask myself why I still am not dead
I look for a reason my life is this way
And my mind stops on the reason I came
I see the bible soar through the air as it flies towards my dad
And the look he gave her that showed all the anger he had
And again my tears begin to fall
But this time something else did as well
I fell to my knees, folded my hands, and looked to the starry sky
Knowing he was up there watching me cry
Knowing I'd forgotten him and his love
Knowing he'd forgive the way I pushed him out of my life in one single shove
I spilled my life, the entire thing, to the man I'd forgotten so many years ago
And suddenly a spark of relief began to show
I sat in that field all night
And even a ways into the light
When my parents found me the next day
I told them about God and all I heard him say
They still don't understand how I felt
That night I sat in that feild to melt
To melt to myself
To let go of my anger
And to move on
And there's only one person who could do that
The man I met the night I sat
He changed my life
Gave me an answer
And helped me with all the things that made me suffer
So don't be like me
Always upset and angry
Take him into your life and keep him close
You never know when you'll need him most

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