A Wolf's Howl

November 9, 2009
By Devilette BRONZE, Hines, Minnesota
Devilette BRONZE, Hines, Minnesota
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It's the quiet ones who're the most passionate, bad or good intentions aren't an obstacle.

Howl, for sadness.
Howl, for joy.
Howl, because you're excited.
Howl, because you cry.

Howl, to let the world hear your voice.
Howl, to set yourself free.
Howl, because you believe.
Howl, to see yourself clearly.

Howl, to the moon, and stars, and sky.
Howl, to let them know you're alive.
Howl, because you care.
Howl, because you love.

Howl, just to be different.
Howl, to let them know you're the same.
Howl, to be you.
Howl, to be true.

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