Out to All of Those Friends Who Have... Changed

November 9, 2009
To you, you know who you are

I… Don’t know what to say
I… Don’t even know who you are anymore
I… Think that your another one of those “posers”
And I… Realize, I love you anyway!

You’re my best friend
I’m not ‘gonna let you go!
You stole my heart, and left me here to bleed
Yet you mangage to still be the reason my heart beats

No, this isn’t one of those love songs
It’s not like that…
It’s more like Friendship love
The type you can never seem
Quite to get over

Even if we end up looking like clones
Through no fault of my own
Just trying to be myself
Trying to be unique
Now that I’ve done it
Its been done…
Now hon’ it’s trendy

You Can’t be yourself
Copying anybody else
Not gonna be the same
And it shall have only you to blame!

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