I Need to Know

November 9, 2009
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Show yourself to me
I really want to see
What you are
Who you want to be
In my life
I need you tonight
Today was harder
Than yesterday
The patience
And tolerance
Though one in the same
Have disappeared completely
I wonder if you need me too
Is there the same want
That I have for you
There is an empty space
Here in my heart
It has just gotten bigger
Right from the start
And I only cease
To understand who
Will come to my rescue
Come to my rescue
I yearn for you
This is weird
I feel like a fool
Will destiny find me alone
And by myself
I need to know
Because I cannot stand to be alone…
Who are you?
Show yourself
You aren’t like the rest
But prove it to me
First so I can
Tell the traitor from the real
Thing the question remains
Though, how will I know
Too many times have
I crossed that thin line
It amazing when you begin
To tell the truth from
Abounding lies
I can’t wait
Going through its is like
Clenching your fist
When your muscles ache
And you hang on for dear life
Only for dear life
Even if I can’t see your face
I need to know
Because I cannot stand to be alone…

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