I never have had very much good luck

November 9, 2009
By cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
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Even to this paper I cannot write
These feelings I have of anger and fright
Home is hell for me
I cannot stand my family
I walk in the door and what do I hear
The very thing thats been filling me with fear
She's already yelling at me
It must have been the way I looked at her funny
Or maybe the way I took my shoes off
Or maybe I set my jacket down too soft
I don't care, I don't listen anymore
I just go to my room and slam the door
Listening to her drives me crazy
I really don't care if she thinks I'm lazy
With every shout I get madder
With every tear I feel sadder
I think it useless to try anymore
She doesn't even care about this war
So to my friends I need to talk
And laugh and forget about a lot
But the second I see her, my smile fades
And to hide my fear, I grab my shades
Then she takes my phone and now I know
Soon I'm going to go psycho
With no one to talk to it's hard for me
To even pretend I'm a little happy
So alone in my room I sit and write
This poem about how bad we fight
While she's upstairs trying to decide
Where she'll try to make me hide
And tuck me away from this great big world
Like I'm a disease just waiting to be hurled
Instead of listening or trying to understand
The doubts and worries and stress at hand
Lately my life hasn't been easy
And school hasn't exactly been breezy
I deal with drama daily
And it's even worse lately
If she would just sit and listen
The tears on our cheeks wouldn't glisten
Why doesn't she see this isn't easy for me
All I really want is somebody
To turn to when my life is bad
To help me whether I'm happy, sad, or mad
But I already know I should just give up
I never have had very much good luck

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