Life is a Roller Coaster

November 9, 2009
By cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
cruelgirl GOLD, Mason, Wisconsin
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Life is a roller coaster
Full of good and bad
Happy and sad
Scared and mad
Full of hate, love, pain, and drugs
The streets filled with hippies and thugs
When you look to the morning sky
Two different things can be seen by the human eye
One days it's the great rising sun
Next it's smog from cars on the run
Everyone's too busy with their own lives
To care about men beating their wives
To care about kids dying of disease
To care about s**** trying to be a tease
Yet in a place somewhere far
There's no men wasting away in a bar
Instead there's lovers singing their love songs
And friends dancing all night long
There's an ocean breeze blowing a young girl's hair
And a man trying to make things fair
For his two kids are in a small fight
Even though they both know that Daddy's right
There's a lot they have yet to learn and see
Most of it will be far from easy
That's what scares their father most
When it comes to their children, parents only want to boast
So raise them up right, he tries his best
But that is deffinatly the biggest test
So in this world full of hate and love
We only have hope and maybe a little help from above

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