Too Much To Handle

November 9, 2009
Try to forget him, but I can't.
Is it,
'Cause I'm affraid that when i stop loving him,
He will love me?
Is it,
'Cause he's cute
and maybe sweet?
The reason is that,
I love him too much to forget him
I if see him hurt or sad,
I feel the same
When i see him smiling,
I'm feeling better
I must be stupid or something but,
I'm too hurt and
I don't want to love anyone else 'cause
I love him too much to say yes to anyone
I'm breaking down now
I need you here with me
and i don't care if that sounds sappy
or even stupid
But, on Monday, just hug me
Because I'll need it
I hate loving someone
that might love me back
and they don't want to admit it...
I t hurt's like you wouldn't believe
and you might feel the same way,
But at this moment,
I might be hurt more than you.
And i just feel like going into my room
falling onto the floor,
leaning up against a wall,
with my head on my knees,
and crying forever.
The fact that i love him,
and can't forget him.
is just too much for me to handle

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~*el-oh-vee-ee*~ said...
Nov. 27, 2009 at 6:03 pm
love it love it love it!!!!!!! :D <3
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