Beauty Bleeds

November 9, 2009
By ASoulFullOfDreams SILVER, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
ASoulFullOfDreams SILVER, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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"Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art."
~Felix Gonzalez-Torre

A shade of grey
Her own veins
The ones she cut
The ones that bled
A shade of red
Her own blood
Her flesh ran cold
A shade of white
Her last breath
A word barely audible
But God hear it
A shade of florescence
Not too far ahead
She felt His presence
One with such grace
Such innocence
Sweet death
A passing of time and space
Transportation to a different world
A different place
One with no war
Nothing to scar
Safety; an archangel's security
Everyday was an eternity
A dreamy atmosphere
She could not bare
The thought of it's absence
Things that no longer exist
A beauty
One with blue eyes
A fair blonde
A scarred wrist
A world of horror she left behind
Destined to be forgotten in time
A fake smile she hid behind
Could no longer shield her flaws
It was simple
The pain quick
Suicidal; an act considered sick
She spared her life
Never was a mother
Never was a wife
Always remembered for her dimpled cheeks
Her baby grin
So innocent
So fair
Not capable of any sin
She was found
At such a lost state
People cried
Never understanding her hate
A rose or two
Dried pedals kiss her grave
No note
Her tangled body was all she wrote
Her mother did not know why
Was life that much a torture
For her daughter
All this time she could of helped
But why did the sweet girl never ask
Was it that the beauty was cowardly
Never to be considered brave
She refused to face the world
She will always remain a silly girl
Never to become a woman
Never to understand life
Never fought her way through
She gave up when she knew little
Of what to do
Never knew how much it would hurt
She did not see through the eyes of courage
She does not deserve to be praised
Never to be a hero
Only one reason to be clear now
She lost her hope
Labeled to be good at heart
But she never listened
Never cared
It was her life she decided to spare
Say a prayer every night for her
Hoping she'll check in
Hoping she will see all that could have been
Life was tough at the time
But it wasn't a good enough excuse
To have a knot and break it loose
A young beauty
One who will never see
It is a tragedy to believe that
Beauty bleeds

The author's comments:
I wrote one simple line about a girl's veins and it led this poem into being about a girl's suicide. This poem is essentially about how easy it is to give up but it's courage that this girl lacked and led to her suicide. My point in this poem is to never give up even at the toughest time. This fictional young woman did and she'll never know how life could have gotten better if she believed in hope.

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