Lunis and Solis

November 9, 2009
By Merlin_til_Erethil BRONZE, Carthage, Missouri
Merlin_til_Erethil BRONZE, Carthage, Missouri
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Long when the silence of the light reigned
And southward winds blew in vain,
The princess of night unashamed,
The Prince of the light her hand he did gain,
Lunis her crown and Solis he so claimed,
Their love so pure and cool as rain
Hearts of modern light know their fame
For all souls could see the flame
Sparked between their ancestors ancient blames
As kings long past sing their names
Lunis and Solis of the realm of the Arcane

Solis, heir of the sun and Prince of the Light
Met the elusive Lunis, Princess of Night
Her hair so black and soft, eyes so bright,
Like sapphires that shine in the ancient moonlight
Fair pale skin shimmered in quite a sight,
A gown of midnight blue and wove of starlight
Ribbons of crystal flowed down her back like a kite,
Such beauty for Solis to contain his delight
His parted golden hair of topaz and same eyes
Fine untanned skin ever so smooth and slight
Shimmering down his back a cloak draped of white
As tunic and trousers affirm his plight
And golden bird guarded sword expresses his might

Upon entering the forest where day and night meet
The Lovers crept on silent feet
On sight their eyes clashed the others did greet
Beauty and serenity came in their beat
As Solis heart proclaimed a feat
Captured in lust and love the two embraced in serenity’s sweep
As their souls and hearts worshipped without bleed

Darkness overtook the land upon the lover’s absence
Death filled the streets with little chance
Hope prayed to arrive in the Prince and lance
The hourglass soon filled with sand
Upon news reaching his glance
The Prince rode in earnest with his heart enhanced
The safety of her beloved Lunis did chant
Solis on steed aflame met death with cold steel and left his brand
Yet, the Prince escaped not without a dance
Of death that throbbed in his body and he did not prance

To Lunis Solis did return and she wept his wounds and heart
For she felt as if she were stricken by death’s dart
Solis with head laid on her lap did die a martyr
Lunis opened her lungs and then sang like a lark
Her song so beautiful and sad awakened the slumbering world’s heart
The land looked on as the princess as tears fell with no end but a start
Long poured out Lunis’ lament as the sun set on her heart

A final tear shed from her eyes
As the land slowly felt of ice
That night she finally took her life
For to be with love it has a price
With her ever so powerful sacrifice
She had created Day and Night
Solis and Lunis tale will continue by light
As their hearts throb as one in the Night

The author's comments:
An idea that contains base elements of Romeo and Juliet. Really a piece that I wrote in love to my dearest soul mate, depressing yes, but she claims that our lives are turning into that of Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespeare we have become she proclaims!

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