Love Lies in a Text Message

November 9, 2009
By kylebotts BRONZE, FPO, Other
kylebotts BRONZE, FPO, Other
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Distraction of the educated class, as my last thoughts reside in the electronically expanding signs, with letters and words to convey the thirst as my mind and heart are racing. Thinking of the things I sometimes forget and cause the cancellation of my last hint at a request for the glance of your eyes.

Spending this apparent eternity waiting for the first sign of some vibration, a sign that it’s more than an average session of conversing between the air, as there’s a silent smile in time that meets my gazing eyes

With my interpretation of dreams it’s apparent that I can’t stop these things in my mind, a smile divine, and eyes staring blind when they’re centered on me

Can you see this poetic painting of words that I’m making, no canvas, no paper, just my hands shaking, in my sleep as even my dreams kill the stability in my knees and body grows limp as I awake to find you leaning over me holding me tighter as I start to bleed.

As my diminishing projection of what I say finally fades away and the words are gone some how you bring the thoughts to stay and keep it alive to start it again, and I can only hope it remains this way

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Love Lies in a Text Message

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