There Are No Tears Left to Shed

November 8, 2009
By , Woodbury, MN
There are no tears left to shed.
I cry only blood.
The endless sorrows that lash.
Against my already scarred heart.
They sap the very essence.
Of who I am.
In waves they batter at me.
Slowly eroding my soul.
The sound of regret.
That poisons my mind.
I claw at my eyes.
Wishing to be freed.
Taken up by some deity.
But I am bound here.
By a chain of broken promises.
Forged by my life of lies.
Too long have I corrupted those I hold dear.
Too many times have I dragged innocents.
Into this abyss of despair.
My mind, tainted and damaged beyond repair.
There is no hope.
No light that breaks through the clouds.
No saving voice from above for my jealous ears to hear.
The chasm made from my sacrilegious deeds it too deep to fill.
So leave me now.
For I am tainted.

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