Ginkgo Tree

November 8, 2009
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Sitting on the sturdy roots of a big ginkgo tree.
We look up, wondering how we'll ever make it to the top.
Pretending we're great heroes. We'll save the world!
Oblivious to any idea that we may be too small.

Sitting on the lowest branches of a big ginkgo tree.
We look up, seeing just how far we have to go.
The branches we sit on are sturdy and strong.
So eager to make it to the top, we forget to treasure what we have.

Sitting in the center of a great ginkgo tree.
The branches are so thin, we are trying hard not to fall.
Above us, we can see the top, what we've been waiting for.
wishing we could climb back down, to where we are safe.

Standing on the top of a great ginkgo tree.
Knowing this is what we have been reaching for.
Above us is the sky, the possibilities endless.
Standing on a firm branch that won't give out.

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