November 8, 2009
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Never has the world been so still.
All is silent, no death or decay
A leave flutters in front of the sun
Far above me, upon a great elder tree,
The sugar coursing through its veins,
Bring life and hope to the foliage
As into myself, loves flows,
Rhea, Mother Earth
And the bonds of eternal fellowship
A tower of granite is pulled from the bedrock
Pushing its noble towers of peace and beauty into the heavens
A meeting of two leaves,
The Feelings of Freya,
And two rivers,
Waters of life,
Intersect at the crossroads of my soul,
A push away the defilers and the disgracers
A collective sigh
All I want for myself and others
Is for them to know what I know,
And to feel what that leaf felt
For you today

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