Calvary PoV

November 8, 2009
-Kingdom to our backs, empty land straight ahead
-A space between two forces, ready to be filled by dead
-Suited with armor and blessed with a sword were we, standing together, our people will remain free
-Ahead an army stood, they came to breach the walls we stand and defend, till the moment me and the others die will that walls history end
-Out numbered by many, we dare not speak, because not one man of ours dared be called weak
-As they blew their horn, we scared and sang, ready to die for glory, smiling with the thought of people telling our story
-Our king rose from the crowd on horseback as we, raised his sword, and arrows from behind left us rippling threw the air as they sored
-The charge has began, we must face our fears, us men on horseback, racing to their spears
-In this conflict man will die, their family's crushed and surly will cry, but we must overcome, to live another day by a fire, drinking a bottle full of rum

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