I Remember When...

November 8, 2009
You stared at me with those brown eyes for the first time,
You made me pick you out from all the others,
You fell asleep in my lap on the way home,
You took tiny snaps at me with your little teeth,
You slobbered on me and I didn’t care,
You would come and take over my bed,
You would steal my clothes and take them outside,
You threw up in the backseat on the way to Illinois,
You followed the car instead of the dogs in the field,
You learned to spell W-A-L-K,
You jumped with joy when we said ‘car ride’,
You took your own walk in the middle of the night,
You got off leash and ran down the street,
You chased after squirrels in trees,
You liked the owners more than the dogs,
You waited for me after school by the door,
You greeted me after being gone for a day,
You acted around the cat, the bird, and the hamster,
You swam in the lake and wandered the trails,
You shook my hand and acted like you knew when I was sad,
You would move your eyebrows,
You looked like you were smiling,
I saw you as a sister.

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