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I am Here

Larger than life.
Pain fueling your art.
Too much too fast.
You are tearing you apart.

I am Here.
I do not care.
I am Here.
I will not spare.

I'll give you a ride.
Forget slow suicide.
I will help you to hide
From the tears you never cried.

I will ease your past.
But they won't understand.
I will numb your pain.
Until you are unable to stand.

Who else can say this?
I am making your troubles disappear.
Throw away any doubt.
Your true love is now here.

Now it is too late.
Now I am your fate.
You find the vein and push me in.
You inject my poison and live in sin.

I am forever stronger than you.
Your skin I am under, and blood, I am flowing through.
You begin flying up high.
You dream with eyes open wide.
I am Here.
I do not care.
I am Here.
I will not spare.

You all are the same.
I simply took what you thought you gained.
Nothing left to lose?
You chose me, but now I choose you.

All that money seemed the sole price to pay.
But now you will do whatever I say.
You became my slave,
The day you picked me up, became entangled in my chains.

I am your love,
What you hold above.
It is me you will call,
The deeper you fall.

I am Here.
I do not care.
I am Here.
I will not spare.

The pain brought us together.
The pain, I swept away.
The pain keeps us conjoined.
The pain will return if I'm gone, increasing everyday.

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