Crack, Crack, Crumble.

November 8, 2009
I will right this wrong.
This injustice needs to die now. Before it worsens--
Before it's too late.
I must be strong for those who

I must stand,
Or others I love
--They--will take the fall.
Standing straight, head up,
Looking forward, I march on.
Breathe in, out.
In. Out.
Taking a deep breath;

walking another step.

My mind mumbles I am right.
--It tells me I am strong.

Keeps me moving,

...I am confident.
I am confident

--The thought, quiet
Echos over and again.

..I continue....

When I come to the problem,

--I snap.
"I must stand strong" says my head.

The words waver.

Finally falter

in a moment time...
My lip quivers, vibrates a
constant up and down.

--I can't help it.
I can't stop.
Tears run down,
gather in the corners of my eyes.
I quiver,
I cry,

I crumble,

Shattered to pieces.
I break.
The pain leaks through the cracks in my broken heart.
My mind whispers to me what it has whispered all this time,

Only now do I hear.
"You must be strong--
You are broken,
Others are breaking,
Being shattered.
They need help.
You help them....

"You needed help,

No one did.

No one.
--You know how it feels. "
C r a ck

C r a ck

C r a ck

C r a ck
C r a ck

--Beginning to crumble away

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