November 8, 2009
I see his eyes
What glitters?
Before the stark white
Of the hospital fades
Before the needle
Pierces my vein
I think I hear
“I love you”

Too late
I am no longer me
You have waited too long
Cared too little
Proud too often
Drove too recklessly
You think you’re invincible?
You didn’t save me
From my blood shed tonight

Too late
My lips meet ambrosia
Down feathers born
From my spine
the birds my playmates
As I pierce cotton clouds
Coasting on the
Whims of the wind
Flutter free butterfly

Too late
I am already
Pirouetting with yucca
Sun flecked, ray kissed
Tickling saguaro
Teasing armadillo
Toes anchored in the sand
Ready to gust
With the tumbleweed

I throw back my head
Chortle and laugh
Verdant meadow
And dragonflies
Witness my blithe –
I see you
Through the moory mists
Advancing princely
And I remember
Parisian cafés
High tea and pearls
Gilding to cover the shallow
You caress my cheek
Tilt my chin towards darkness…

Why so bright?
I squint
See your vague
Countenance of relief
Thank the surgeon
Your lips camber
“You are well, you are alive”
At this I laugh
The peal of the sky
Of the desert moon
And the fog lifted
I am well, I am alive
I rivet my eyes into
Your skull
And I tell you

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