The Fate of Little Raisin

November 7, 2009
Little muffin was little muffin indeed.
He had no family
Because his family was crushed by a teeth stampede.
Poor little muffin
Who was cursed with raisins.
No kid ever wanted to eat him
For raisins are certainly not the crazians
And muffin never knew
His unforgiving fate
He would be thrown out
For sitting there all day
Little muffin got stale and rough
Nails wouldn’t even be able,
To get past the stuff.
But raisin knew, one day,
A little kid was come in
And claim muffin for a pay.
Muffin would get so excited,
His ego became so ignited.
Muffin may get to be eaten,
But instead
Little muffin took a beaten.
Muffin was thrown out on a Thursday
And was rest to lay.
Little muffin never made it to the end
But he almost finished the relay.
Little muffin was a hero for all.
Even though you got some raisins,
You still got to hang in

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