November 7, 2009
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It goes to say:
"You don't know what you got, til it's gone."
But you can't fault me,
I was too young.

People to see,
places to go,
things to believe,
information to be known.

You were my figure,
my hero, my idol, my model.
You were my martyr,
for almost half of my life.

I am so grateful,
every moment
of my life.

You taught me:
who to be,
how to be,
even if I didn't understand.

You shaped me well,
got me ready for life.
Gave me the consequences,
even if they were not so nice.

I let moments pass,
they just slipped away,
it happened so fast,
I guess all good things can't stay.

That final day,
will always be sketched in my mind,
"You were his favorite"
Well, yeah... you were mine.

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