No Remorse

November 7, 2009
By IsaakDeMaio PLATINUM, Williamsville, New York
IsaakDeMaio PLATINUM, Williamsville, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I am a controversial figure; my friends either hate me or dislike me." ~ Toni Morrison

You are the source
of my unlawful outrage
I will feel no remorse
throughout this poem's hateful page.

Vague memories of you,
I could careless to know,
apologies long overdue,
I don't even want to say "hello."

Everything you ever say,
are words that are untrue,
every single day,
I wish I was never related to you.

You are a humiliation,
a desperate cheap man,
with no thought of consideration,
I will never, ever be your fan.

Birthday presents; unreceived,
The number of my age; falsely conceived,
Promise of a job; never retrieved,
Your words of "I love you"; I refuse to believe.

I've come a long way,
I know who you are,
Someone I do not wish to be,
Someone I wish I didn't know at all.

You are a liar,
a smoker, a cheat,
A father that I have no desire,
to never again meet.

I never needed you,
you were never a person to be relied (upon),
there are two last things I would like to say to you,
that is 1) Screw You. and 2) Goodbye.

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