Blame Yourself

November 7, 2009
By TJ!!!! BRONZE, Eagan, Minnesota
TJ!!!! BRONZE, Eagan, Minnesota
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Your such a jerk you know
You don't understand how words can hurt
We are no longer friends, but you became friends with me best friend
Before I know it, she desired you
You made her happy
Then you attacked her with words, you whipped out her soul
Now she sits in depression
Her heart incinerated in a flash
I tried to stop you from going farther
But you didn't stop
You went to far
She was already in pain
Her life was complicated
She just wanted to talk to someone and she picked you
She snapped, you pushed her! You betrayed her
She committed suicide because of you
You made a difference in her life at first
Then you abolished her
You caused her family and friends sorrow for the rest of their life's
You don't blame yourself I know
When I see you, you're happy about it
You can't hide it
How dare you do that
You caused so much pain

For the rest of your life
You have to live with knowing you caused her death
You have blood on your hands

I want you to think about this for eternity
What you did was unbearable
Word of advice get over yourself
You're not cool and never will be
Your Just a jerk that took it too far
Words can hurt
A life was lost because of it
Stop making excuses and take the blame
The bloods on your hands

The author's comments:
Words Defination
Swerve- Jerk
Desired- Like
Chipper- Happy
Beset- Attacked with words
Void- Depression
Incinerated- To burn to ashes
Cease- Stop
Complex- Complicated
Betrayed- To lose someones trust
Abolished- To remove from existence
Sorrow- Sad
Unbearable- Very painful

This is about my best friend who was cyberbullied by my ex-boyfriend. He is happy about her death. She lost her older sister in a car accident 3 months ago and her parents devorced it was hard for her. She fell in to deep depression because of her sisters death and parents devorce. So when my ex started to cyberbully her, she just snapped and killed herself.

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