Weird Reality

November 7, 2009
The last think you think before your head hits the pillow each night is one name,
One name that is making your mind go crazy,
You love them you, you hate them, you can’t stand them, and yet you can’t stand to be without them,
But what are they thinking?
You don’t know,
Cause they act like they love you, hate you, can’t stand you and can’t stand to be without you,
And when you think you got them all figured out they throw out a new twist,

Then you’re thrown down at the bottom of the mountain…
So hopelessly lost and confused,
And you don’t even know what hit you so you climb back up,
And when you reach the top you’re thrown back down again,
But you don’t wanna give up; you wanna get to the other side,
The unknown or rather the known,
Cause once you’re on the other side, your safe…

Safe in his arms from all harm,
Cause you know he loves you,
Even though he hates you and can’t stand you,
He can’t stand to live without you,

In this weird reality,
Hate is the new love,
So no matter how many times you fall on your face,
Always remember…
He wants you to get on the safe side,
He’s just afraid he’s going to lose you by trying to help you get there,

Cause no matter what you do…
No matter what you say…
Every night before his head hits the pillow,
He thinks of one name,
One name that makes his mind go crazy,
And that name is yours,

Even if you feel unloved,
Or alone,
Remember your name is thought,
Each night,
By at least one person,
Before they go to sleep,
And one of those people truly love you.

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