My Turn Now

November 7, 2009
By BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
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"Never give up on something you can't live one day without."

You had your fun,
You had your turn,
But now you realize you messed up hun.

If you think I am gonna cut you slack,
If you think that,
You better think back.

Now you realize,
That what you want you could have had,
And what you could have had doesn’t want you.

Hear me we are through!
Are the words I will speak to you.

Why should I give you the time of day?
When all I got from you is pain!
So what if you’re cute,
Shall I introduce you to the boot?
Give me one!
One good reason to even care!
I am listening, sweetheart speak up,
Or don’t speak,
Because your future is in your hands now!
I hope you chose right.

If you can change my mind,
I will let my heart go,
If you can’t, “honey”
I will let you go,
And I can promise you that
Because you are lucky I have put up with your *** for this long!
I am listening sweetheart, well?

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